Monday, May 6, 2002

AOL Again???

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They saw my page...They Must have. Why else would AOL bill me for $90? Some how they figured I used their shitty product in January. Picture that. They must have seen my cracking AOL 7.0 cds in various stores across New York State.

So I call them and this fool is telling me that I used AOL in December of '01 and January of this year. that will end up costing me $90???? How is that possible? So then the moron tells me and I quote "Oh, well the charges are really $45" So I guess that the original bill was just a scare tactic. Apparently they were just going bill my card and they couldn't.

For those who don't know I changed my card last year because I lost it in NYC. So that makes me feel so much better. They were just going to take that shit for my card. Now I don't use that crap....most of you know that because I celebrated the fact that I don't use "Assholes On Line" any more. They are investigating my alleged use and they will get back to me.

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