Thursday, April 7, 2011

Poem #7 Definition of a Boy

Weed Smoking
No book reading
pants sagging
yankee cap to the side
smiling in my face
yet thinking your
dick is bigger
when you cannot
last longer than
one of my sneezes
playing women
like dropping quarters
in a video game machine
as if your life depended
on the amount of
ass you get
when you probably
like men more
but you never tell your boys
because you don’t
know how to be one
you are a boy
who may look like
a man but cannot
define in his mind
what a man is
because while you
walk around quoting
lyrics from a genre
you think you know
real men define
themselves by accomplishments
real men aspire
to inspire
they take the risks
they break the mold
they understand that
bagging “bitches”
is actually fucking
your own mother
one thrust at a time
but since you are boy
i dont expect you to

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