Friday, September 21, 2001


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9-11-2001...That day has haunted me. I was on Wall St when it happened. It has taken me this long to write anything. I was going to put in a story that day about a cow lady that I saw on the train when the first plane hit the south tower. I can tell you that I did not see anything.

I work on the 6 floor of 40 Wall St. so i could see the World Trade Center....but I could feel the explosions and I could certainly here them too. The radio was letting us all know what was happening. I had friends working in that area ( 4 World Trade to be exact). I tried my best to get in touch with them. When i couldn't...I really tried not to lose my composure...I informed my girl of the plane crash and she in turn called her family as well did I....Then the second plane it the North Tower. We all start to panic...What are we going to do?

Well if you don't know...we work across the street from the stock I was not too keen on staying in the building. But we had a meeting and management felt it was best to stay in side the building because there was "Pandemonium" outside....Fine whatever....As soon as the meeting is over....Tower 2 comes down....I hear them say it on the radio as I hear and feel it.....then this THICK BLACK CLOUD covers the windows....We all freak out and head for the stairs....When we get to the lobby and it is like a nuclear winter outside, I will never forget it!

There is this restaurant that is connected to the lobby of the building that was giving out water and towels to cover our faces. I knew we could not go outside, there was too much soot flying around...So we wait and Tower 1 comes down and once becomes night! They takes us to the basement and just sit there for about a half hour...then they evacuate the building. (By the way, when I say "we" I am talking about me and my woman) We head toward the South Street Seaport and saw the empty space that was the World Trade Center. When we at the seaport we saw the footage of the terrible events.

From then until now all I am thinking..."All those People..."


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