Wednesday, January 16, 2002

Bathroom Manners???

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When I lived in NYC, I talked about the people I saw on the Train. As you could imagine it is different up here. But, human nature is human nature and that means that stupid people live everywhere. So this leads me to talk about Bathroom etiquette.

Why do people act up when they shittin? I went to the bathroom at my job one day and of course, someone was taking care of business. Homeboy started singing!!! I don't mean humming, I am talking about full blown song! NO, I don't remember what he sang. I don't need to pee over a soundtrack, but I got one.

Then there was the time I went to the movies. When you drink too much Pepsi at the theatre you have to go. So I went. Of course, again, someone was taking care of business. Now you know someone is power shittin when they have their coat hanging over the bathroom stall. What kills me is that he comes out saying...."AHHHHHHHHH", while rubbing his belly. WHY????


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