Thursday, October 24, 2002


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Yes, it has been a long time. I have been busy since school has started. Things are going well. The apt is secure. I have a new camera and things are great. I can tell you that stupid people still populate the majority of this county. The ghetto seems to be spreading and the damn radio plays the same songs every hour. Well I do have my own office with no windows. That is a good thing, so I don't see how much snow is on the ground. I have more responsibilities, so I am here all the damn time. Well i can tell you that my new apt is going well too. New couch too. See, i figured i would talk about the good shit first so i can go directly to the bitching when I am done. I have also increased my computer game knowledge. I am in a Literati (Yahoo Scrabble for the lay people) league. So i get my ass kicked for fun. The Yankees lost again!!!! So i am loving that.

Ok, to the bitching...I love my apt. But that shit is lopsided! I feel like i am in Batman(1960's) with the tilted camera view. I can't even weigh myself right. I get a different number every we move the scale. So i don't know if i lost 1 or 50 pounds. The fridge door swings open if u don't close it all the way. This is some shit. Speaking about shit, My new dog, Rusty, loves his shit. I should stop wasting money on dog food....and what get me is that we don't give him that much water either and he pisses a fucking river. So of course in a tilted apt the piss runs downhill. I should just paint the floor yellow. Damn dog!!!

I love my wife...I really do. She at one point had two jobs. One here at SU and another at Layne Bryant. She has quit her job at SU because she was working for a real fucking witch. I wont say her name I will just call her "Broom Hilda". So Broom Hilda was very abusive and would yell at her and do all kinds of stupid shit. So one day she just quit. Told her to ass-ride the broom she flies on! Anyway when she started to work for Lane Bryant, (which was the same time she started worked with Broomy) she found out that she gets 55% off of clothes. Cool Right??? Try $700 worth of clothes! and she got it for less that $350. Cool Right??? Guess who had to carry that shit....and lose all the hangers....and the space....Did i get anything??? Sure i did...some panties.


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