Wednesday, April 10, 2002

Spring is Here!

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Well, it is spring. The weather is getting better. So that means that students will wear less. Now, that is a good thing right? Try again. Today I saw people who need lotion for there ashy knees and elbows (lets not forget the feet folks).

Speaking of feet (oh god, why?), I saw a young woman today in sandals. Before I make this point, I want to mention that is the reason why I don't like open toed shoes and sandals. She is chillin in her sandals and I look down and YIKES!!!! ONION BUNIONS!!!!! How sickening. I knew this girl so I could not laugh, but all I can think about is how in the world do you leave your dorm room with Jesus Wear on and don't file down your BUNS! I know by the time this semester is over I will be blind if I keep seeing shit like this.

I know that Jesus wore sandals and that is fine, but you cannot tell me that he did not file down is Bunions. You know that he did not want his buns and corns showing while was telling parables, it would be too distracting! He must have used a rock or some shit to file them down. Why couldn't she???


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