Monday, May 2, 2005

Hitting the Road!

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May is here! The last 5 months have been off the hook. I have been so busy. Just a few things: I was appointed as chair to ANCLA (Association of Neighbors Concerned with Latino Advancement). I selected a Master Program (Cultural Foundations of Education). Got an Ipod. Met the Roots, Common, and Jadakiss all one week. Not to mention I met Charlie Murphy! Then there is all the work in between. Proof as to how much I have worked....I have 3 1/2 weeks of vacation left (I get 4 weeks) that I have to use by July 1st.

My cousin Rick (Rico to you), was in Law & Order: Criminal Intent last night. It was the greatest performance I have ever seen in such a small period of time. I totally believed that he worked at a car rental dealership. When he looked at this guy and said "I will get the keys, you need a map?", I was done. Remember the name Ricardo Maldonado!

So, I am going on tour! Since I have gotten tired of working so fucking much, I have decided to take to the roads. Puerto Rico in June. New York City, Atlanta, Florida in July. Washington DC in August and if I am really lucky Toronto in September. I should provide pictures, but at the rate I am going on updating this site....

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Love Those Golden Globes...

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The count down is almost over. The students start classes on Tuesday and I am so not ready too go full tilt in my job for the next 5 1/2 months. Oh well, not much choice at this point. I realized what the term "being paid what you are worth" means..and I don't think I fall in that category. So, if everything goes they way I planned maybe I will come close to getting the money I feel I need. Right now, I feel like I am the Assistant Director of Everything Else. What that mean is basically I do everything else (besides my own job) that either people cannot or will not do. So you do the math...

My wife got me watching the Golden Globes (some how that name reminds me of a porn about Wonder Woman) and I must say that Jaime Fox is the man. He won the Best Actor award for Comedy/Musical for Ray. Granted, I never saw this movie, but the it comes out on DVD in the next month so I will be sure to see it then. Speaking of movies, I will defiantly see Hitch. One quick question...something to think about actually, Is it me or does Leonardo Dicaprio look like the most annoying white boy...ever? White people love him, but I despise his ass. He will always be the retard from What is Eating Gilbet Grape?.

If you been reading this Blog for sometime, then you know that I am into
Justice League. Well, I have managed to download all 3 seasons. I can see my father rolling his eyes now when he finds out it is cartoon ("cartoons are for kids tonio"). Well, for those who care, January 22nd marks part 1 of the season 3 finale and I all over that shit. As soon as it comes out I am downloading it. I don't plan on selling them, but Cartoon Network hardly show repeats. If they ever come out with a DVD with all the seasons then I will buy it, but until then...(I may decide to share, but who knows...maybe i show some on this site...)

Titan! Gotta love hearing about one of the moons of Saturn. It took 25 years in making to get that
probe there. They are saying that this planet is very eerily similar to our own planet. I bet you they got black people there too getting oppressed (ha ha...Jose that was for you). Seriously, I was just as excited about Mars when that probe sent back pics. I hope to see more soon.

Before I go...I plan on adding some music links to this site to show you what I have been listening to. Thanks to Jose, Rick (Rico to you), and my lovely wife, because of them I have gathered an extensive Salsa collection. This is the stuff you will never find on itunes. I will be working on that shortly as well as more links. I am loving the new Star Wars movie poster. Peace out...

Tuesday, January 11, 2005


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Changes...That is what I wish to focus on today. Changes. These days everything seems to be changing. The world seems to be darker in so many ways. The Tsunami Disaster is so unreal. It changes the way we think of things. Before this, we all thought that 9/11 was the greatest tragedy that our generation witnessed. This event has changed the way we view the world.

Changes...Even my job is going through changes. It is interesting to see how people react to change. It seems the older one gets the more they hate change. I have a couple of people who don't want their
cheese to be moved. Yet, when change happens, they will be left in the dust. Time will have passed them by. I can tell you my boss is a better person that I am because corporate training tells me to get rid of the resistance to change.

Changes...Even my team, The New York METS are going through huge changes. By signing the this year's biggest free agent Carlos Beltran. I have not been this excited about this teams since they signed Mike Piazza sooo many years ago. I am even considering going down to NY to see a few games. That would be a BIG changes since I don't go down there anymore.

Changes...I know that I may have risen a few eyebrows to my comment about Scott Peterson. I don't think he should die. Think he should rot in Jail for what he did. So If I were the judge, I would sentence to him to life with no possibility of parole. Not only that...He should be assigned to GEN POP in a Maximum Security Prison where he will room with a big black buck named Mr. Zero.

Changes...So I was told today by a good friend that he cant hang out with me and my wife anymore because his wife doesn't like us. Now there is no love lost there that is for damn sure. I was civil to her because that is my good friend's wife, but lately she has felt the need to treat my wife like shit. There is only one person who can treat Josie like shit and that is me (kisses hun). So naturally the dumb bitch can rot for all I care. One day he will wake up and kick her lop-sided ass out the house.

New Year....New Shit....Peace out.

Sunday, January 9, 2005

Just Mad...

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Well, I am back at my own site... I am hoping to make some changes. Just to touch on some issues...

I am glad the Yankees Lost.

I am MAD Kerry lost.

I feel bad about Indoneisa.

Michael Jackson is Guilty Guilty Guilty.

Scott Peterson deserves to live.

The Mets better get Beltran

and Star Wars Episode 3 is only 4 short months away

Peace out...


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