Thursday, November 23, 2006

FU-Pods 4: A New Hope

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I never thought I would see the day that my wife would be listening to her I-pod, but folks it has happened. This woman probably got tired of me rockin' to my beats. One day she dusted off her broken pod and decided it was time that she fixed this. I am not one to try and stop her, but I was thinking that it will cost us deal of money in order to fix this. Josie is resourceful…to a very scary degree. She decides to investigate I-pods in general. She hits the internet.

So one night, a few weeks ago, she is feverishly on her laptop just typing away and reading. I don't remember exactly what I was doing but I here a bang. I look up and she has something in her hand. I figure she dropped something so I continue to do whatever it was I was doing. Bang…I look up again like what the fuck? She is not even paying attention to me. Bang… I ask her, "what the fuck are you doing?" It turns out that she is attempting to fix her I-pod. What? How? Is exactly what I said.

In her investigation, she came up with several sites that she read through about faulty I-pods and how to fix them. One of those describes a process of getting a non functioning I-pod to reboot in a different way. So, basically you have to bang the shit out of it like 12 times. I laughed when I heard this shit. That shit is soooo stupid. Who has the time to do this? Of course, I make jokes about and after the 11th bang, her I-pod boots up!!!! Are you shittin me???

The menu pops up in a different font than anything I have seen on an I-pod. There are commands I have never seen. So she continues to read these instructions. Personally, I still did not think this thing would work, but sure enough she got it working. Re-loaded the Apple software and found a way for her laptop to read her I-pod. I have no idea if she still plans on sending that letter to Apple's CEO, but I will say that she beat the system.

We are both convinced that this is all a fucking plan. Remember that I am on my 3rd I-pod. When one of these things breaks, they replace it with little to no question. If you have a warranty, then you just get a new one for free. If you don't, then you have to pay $250 for a "new" one. I remember asking one of the techs is why do they continue making old ones to replace and he really had no answer, but I have one. I am sure that all those I-pods that are "broken" they just "fix" and sell them back to pendejos who do not have a warranty. I wont mention how the I-pods that seem to "break" within a year are most likely ones that have windows formatting software. The drama continues…

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Where to Begin??? (Kramer is a Racist)

{Originally Posted on Myspace}

What can I say? I have taken a bit of a hiatus because I am so busy, but I could not let this one go by. It did take me a bit to digest this act. I have felt like maybe I have been too sensitive on issues of race. Maybe, I am looking too deeply into issues of white privilege. Then Michael Richards does his "meltdown" and after seeing this crap, I have decided 2 things:

1. I am never watching Seinfeld again. The show had its moments and had to do living in NYC. So, on a lot of issues I can relate to. This is despite the fact that there were hardly any black people (all I count is the black lawyer). But typically there were really no constant person of color. I guess NYC is full of white people.
2. I will never say the N-word again. I don't say it much now, but I am done. When I am listening to hip hop I will substitute the word with "brotha" or just not say the line.

The way "KKKramer" said those words were hurtful to me, much more than I would have ever expected. I have seen Rodney King get his ass beat down in a video by a bunch of cops and that was no where near the horror I felt when seeing this clip. It confirms a lot of things in my head about many people.

The worst part is the "apology" given on Late Night with David Letterman. What a farce! Afro-Americans!!! Who still uses the phrase? We (and I say we, because Latinos are black too) are not a style of hair. Of course, he tells the world he is not a racist. Well he fooled me. Those comments were heart felt and it showed how he really felt. You don't mention lynchings 50 years ago if you do not know what you are talking about. White privilege is real folks, if you do not know about it, I will be happy to tell you.


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