Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Lessons Learned Vol. 2

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I did the first one about a year and a half ago. I wanted to revist that, so here are things I learned over the past year as 2007 closes...

If a cat crosses in front of your car...HIT IT!
Airbags hurt...alot.
Never underestimate the power of friends.
Streaking in January is never a good idea......
neither is 7 coronas before the fact......
or directly after
Fiding a Wii is like the search for the Holy Grail
Amazing things happen when you smash your LCD Screen
Cloudy pool water is gross!
When Mexicans ask, if you want bug spray...say YES!
Airport lay over suck
Slot machines are evil...so is High School Musical (1 and 2)
Never try to catch a flight less than an hour before departure
Never get a gay man and a Puerto Rican woman drunk at the same time..
No matter how much it hurts...always root for your team (Lets go Mets..ok and SU Football too)Squirrels are the fast breeding animal in Syracuse
Wine comes in plastic bottles!!!
Never ask a person how they got a new album (especailly if its not out yet)
I am in LOVE....with my snowblower

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Why I Hate Receptions

{Originally Posted on Myspace}

One thing I notice about being in a professional setting is that people leave and move around all the time. Someone always seems to leaving their job for greener pastures. So when things like these happen, there is always a reception to bid the person farewell. Plus there are the holiday parties with all the mingling crap. Let me preface all of this by saying that if you know me, then you know that I am an outgoing person. I like to laugh, joke, and generally socialize. But, I still hate receptions.

I went to this reception the other day for a former co-worker. I walk in, and I groan to myself because there are certain people I really don't want to talk to at this event. I hate small talk and I just don't want to create some with people that I don't really care to talk to. But, I am polite anyway. First thing I do is head for the food since the person I want to bid farewell to seems busy. Food was nasty...but whatever. So I wait my turn to talk to someone. I eat so I don't feel like a fool just standing there. I speak to the person and bid them well. At this point I am thinking, "Is it rude if I just leave now?" So I decide to stay.

I find some people that are nice to talk to and I move on. So, I finally see someone walk in that I can conversate with. We start a convo...and then this white woman (yes I went there) interrupts to speak to the guy I am talking to. As if I was not there. Ok, I just smile and eat some food and pretend to care about the convo. Eventually, I move on. So, I talk to another person and this time we are talking about work. I am in mid sentence when this old fucking white man (that I know from another area) looks at me, then interrupts by talking to this guy! WTF! I just walk away. Why do people do that? I swear, if I were to be like..."asshole I am talking" then I am a crazy Latino. So I just walk away. Later on the other guy I was talking apologizes...whatever man.

So there was a reception yesterday I went to. I totally interrupted these white ladies talking to the colleague the reception was intended for.


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