Thursday, August 1, 2002

His Name is Rusty!

{Orginally Posted on Blogger}

So much has happend this past month.It got to the point where I did not want to even write about all this stuff. But, in the end I realize that it is truley theraputic. Well first off I wanted to say that I got a new dog. His name is Rusty. This dog just loves Rocky. He is about 3 months now. He is small enough to fit the pocket of my fleece sweater. Not that I tried! It has been hot!. Softball Seaon is over! I struck out the otherday. I was sooo pissed. I threw the bat in frustration. I know you are dying to figure out what my average is....But I wont tell ya! (.312) I am not that egotistical.

Well...the bad news is. Our apt was broken into the otherday. I know it sucks. Jo's jewlery was taken and so was my Digital Camera.I am still pissed off. this happend about 2-3 weeks ago. We did not even notice until the next morning when my wife could not find her jewelry. All of it was gone. It took us awhile to account for everything. They even took my 2 dollar bill. HOW DO YOU TAKE A TWO DOLLAR BILL? Thank God for Renter's Insurance. Well, you would think i would get better...2 days later my neighbor gets his computer and shotgun stolen. Yes u read that correctly! A shotgun! Appretnly he is sometype of hunter. I guess he was waiting for Wabbit Season. So to make a long story short. My Landlord is getting us a deadbolt lock for the backdoor (the Police said that that was the place of entry).

Anyway, lets get off that subject....It is way too depressing. So we are driving down the street last Saturday morning. We see this Black dude walk out onto the street doing his thang. You know...doing the ghetto strut. He had cornrolls...deniem shorts....white tanktop..and a toothbrush in his mouth! Just brushin away. This cant be normal...and the things is...there was no toothpaste....unreal. Before I go....I want you guys to check this out.


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