Sunday, February 9, 2003

Nice Way to Start the New Year...

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Well, Happy new Year!!! So much can happen in 2 months. Lets see if i can summarize...I went to Florida in December, saw some really cool shit. Been to New York City, saw some really cool shit. Of course I still don't miss NYC. Some idiot decided to but a Toys-R-Us in the middle of Times Square. So now there is just wall to wall people on the streets...slow people to be exact. Orlando was cool. Went to Universal Studios, what a waste of money. 45 minute wait for rides. Disney is much better. However, They have a "City Walk" that is very cool. We went to the Motown Cafe and to the Latin Quarter. I would recommend both. Also go to see some online friends...and that is always cool.

It was cool to be in a place where it is always 70 degrees...we drove down and back. The entire way sign of snow, until we reached the city limits of Syracuse. We returned on December 29th...and it never stopped snowing until February 1st. I cant how many times I almost busted my ass on the ice of the streets and sidewalks. Now, I love our landlord, but homeboy has no concept of chipping icy stairs. I may need a snowboard to go in and out my apt. I still got ice on my back steps from November. Speaking of ice, I had the one of the worse encounters of my life. We got into a car accident. We are ok, don't worry. The car is in bad shape, but it is totally fixable. We slid on black ice on the way to NYC. We ran into a truck that had already spun out from it. We were 2 hours away from Syracuse and we get into a accident with an SU student. Go figure.

Well the last piece of info is that we have an addition to our family. Her name is Jasmin and she is Josie's god daughter (cousin). She has moved in with us from Virginia. She has had some issues down there and we have volunteered to take her in. She is 14 and has enrolled into school. This where I find out how backwards this place is. The school district has told us that she lives too close for her to take a bus. So she has to walk from now on. She live 2 miles away and they want her to walk. Fine if we lived in Sunny Fucking California, but has anyone noticed that we get more snow then Alaska? So they expect this child to walk home from school in -20 weather...I thought that banned smoking crack in the schools? Oh, it gets a lot better! We live down Gennesse St. He school is straight down that road. Why is there no bus that runs down this block. This makes no sense. At least the MTA in NYC made a little sense. Centro makes none! Anyway, the good thing is she i making friends. The first day of class and she already got little chicks calling here,,better yet she got a concert in like 2 WEEKS!!!. Talk about adapting to your environment. She gonna be running that place by May.


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