Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Mad @ The World!

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Today, I am mad at the world. I have been pissed off for the 3 straight day. I think it is very amusing that people in this world find it easy to criticize shit they have no clue about. How dumb can a person be to talk shit about me to my wife....like she wont tell me? That blows my mind.

The one thing I take pride in is my job. I love my job and everything that comes with it. Sure, there are bad days, but I don't complain about them. In fact, I don't complain at all about my job or the hours I put in. Well, other people feel the need to do this. They (it is really one person..but we shall say "they") feel the need to complain about their job...the lack of pay...and god knows what else.

Yet, "they" can criticize what I do at work. Yeah, I am angry. I bust my ass everyday. I have been busting it ever since I graduated college all those years ago and I am going to get angry when some person (who has never worked a real job in their life) can talk shit about what I do or don't do. I tell you all something...there are 2 things in this world you don't do to me. One...never tell me I cant do something...because I will do it and shove it up your ass. Two...never rile me up...because I will outlast you...and then shove it up your ass.

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