Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I Have Poetry On My Mind...

{Originally Posted on Myspace}

Ok, first I have to say that this is new to me. I am not saying that I have never written poetry, but I am pretty sure that I have not been inspired like this before. So why did I write this Poem? Well, I will blame it on Hebrew Mamita & Nyathera (both on my friend's list). I will tell you. This sucker just poured out of me. I do consider myself a writer, but never a poet. Well anyway here it is:

I have poetry on my mind.
inspiration is just a sign
of how things are changing within
me, are so many different emotions
and feelings that I cannot always express,
like a train that goes from parkchester to 125th
I look out the window and I see my life passing by
like rooftops in the Bronx when I am on the 6
I let the pen flow
or keyboard know
how my fingers flow
I just cannot stop because
I have poetry on my mind

I have Poetry on my mind
inspiration is just a sign
that I can love life and the little things
like goya products and chicken wings
like maduros and Corona
like The Mets in the summer
like getting laid after being drunk
the list goes on and on
like the lies of an American President
who refuse to see
how like you and me
we are all the same
from people from New Orleans
to the abandoned Lebonese
but, it is those little things that can make angry
I have poetry on my mind

I have Poetry on my mind
inspiration is just a sign
that I love my people
no matter how late
no matter how ignorant
no matter how homophobic
no matter how prejudiced
I love my people
even if you never see
someone dark like me
on TV
like 47 or 41
Telemundo or Univision
I love mi gente
but I am not blind
I have Poetry on my mind

When I read it to my wife, i realized how short it is. But oh well.

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