Thursday, May 14, 2009

Health Issues

Yesterday I decided not to have any coffee. I have been feeling much better since my doctor told me to cut down on the coffee and drink more water. Of course, this means I use the bathroom more, but that general uncomfortable feeling I was having is pretty much gone. I had a pretty decent time with staying awake at work, but I started getting a headache toward the evening. So once again he is right.

Curious enough though, I was reflecting back on something he asked me about my parent's health. He had asked me if there were any updates with my parents. Did something happen that he should know about. I told him no. My father is fine. He is doing quite well actually. My mother...well I don't really speak to her all that much. So I just told him what he wanted to hear, because in actuality, I really do not know.

I wont go deep into why my mother and I have issues, however, I will say that one day we may have to talk about shit...again. Anyway, my brother called me yesterday. We seem to know the exact moments to call each other. I will say to myself, damn I have to call Marc and he ends up calling me. So, with the general topic of things we discuss, I find out my mother was hospitalized like a week or 2 ago....

Pause. Yes, I know. You would have called me when it happened. Despite the fact that we have issues, I think I should have been told too.

The story is that she wasn't feeling well. So she sees her doctor, who is amazed after taking a blood sample that she is even conscience. Her blood sugar was over 800. To most people that is a diabetic coma. She has kept her self in such good shape that she was able to not fall into one, so says my bother. So they had to keep her overnight at the hospital.

Being that Josie has diabetes, I understand the 2 different types. So I ask him what type of Diabetes was she diagnosed with? "I dunno". WTF? All he knew was that she was given pills, which suggests to me that it is Type 2 Diabetes. Clearly, I do not know for sure. So it means that I will have to call her. Not that this is a bad thing. It will just be awkward.

As for me, I am trying to get my physical condition to where in needs to be. Monday I was on the treadmill for 45 minutes and my legs are still feeling sore. Yesterday I played 4 games of Racquetball. If anyone has played this, then you know that this is quite a workout. Today, I will go back to the treadmill. I was very tempted to go to Burger King yesterday, but my Twitter peeps told suggest something else. I had Sushi. I will need to diligent.

Oh..and I did have coffee this morning from Dunkin Donuts. Very watered down coffee and does not compare to Starbucks. However, I am not willing to die for it.


Brooke said...

Oh my goodness, so sorry to hear about your mother! I hope she gets well soon. Whatever issues between you two, I find that none of that matters when the person you love is sick. Make the call, you'll be glad you did.

Good job on the not drinking coffee and resisting Burger King! I had sushi yesterday too! Had me starving tho by the time I went to the movies so ate M&M's and Dre's popcorn...not good! Hopefully I'll must some strength for the gym tonight, even though I have a cold. Keep it up, I'll do it with you and we can motivate each other :)

Will say a prayer for your mom.

Tyrone said...

I should have read this before I decided to skip the gym tonight. You make a perfectly valid point. I think my dad has some high blood pressure or cholesterol issues - I haven't spoken to him in years and only hear about his issues through two of my half-sisters.

We all owe it to ourselves to take the best care of ourselves despite the stresses of the job and the world.

Anthony Otero said...

I did speak to my mother today. She is doing well and was quite suprised to hear from me. I asked her how she was doing and she is ok. As I figured, she has Type 2 Diabetes. She spend 2 days in the hospital.

She did tell me that she is not a candy eater, which I knew, but what she is finding hard to give up is rice. Now, I LOVE rice! That is like a Latino staple. But I have learned to like brown rice, which is much better for you. She used to be a nurse, who coincedently educated patients on dietary needs for diabetes...she will be fine.

I will see her when I go down in the next week or so.

Anthony Otero said...

Ty - I feel you. What threw me for a loop is that my doctor wanted a medical update on my parents. So now, as I get older, can see the links between their health and mine.

Georgia Peach said...

LN- so glad to hear your mom will be alright. It's funny my mom is a nurse (who has diabetes as well) and they seem to be the worst patients. My mom still likes to eat sweets and won't eat proper 100% whole wheat bread. Your doc sounds pretty amazing I just have to say. For him to even think about asking what's up with your family's health is an amazing thing.

As far as not having a great relationship with your mom - maybe this whole incident was so that you could talk to her. Everyone is getting older and maybe you just needed some closure on this issue. (or maybe not?) I am glad to hear that your health is starting to improve.



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