Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Latinegr@s Project: Roberto Clemente

Let's take everything you think you know about baseball right now and throw it out the window. When anyone of us think about the color barrier in baseball, we think about the late great Jack Robinson. The man that stepped through the door in Major League Baseball. He is honored in every stadium in America by having his number retired by all 29 teams. Of course he made it possible for a man like Roberto Clemente to step into the scene in 1955.

Roberto Clemente is well known for the great plays he has made on the field as well as the 3000 plus hits he has accrued over his hall of fame career. However, he is also know as a humanitarian. He spent most of his off season time doing charitable work across the Caribbean.

Ironically he died doing the very thing he loved to do. I am personally inspired by this man based on his work ethic and the love of his people. He used his fame and money to help the less fortunate. He played with passion and proved that he was indeed worthy of everyone's respect. He was one of the most feared hitters of this time.

To this very day, he is the one person that is not talked about very much outside of Pittsburgh or Puerto Rico. I am waiting for the day that he truly becomes recognized for his efforts on and off the baseball diamond.

Here is his story...

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