Monday, May 10, 2010

My Passport...

It is funny how dreams work. I haven't remembered much of my dreams lately. I think with the semester coming to close I have just been tired and knocking without really caring about if I remember a dream or not. We dream every night it is just a matter if we remember when we wake up. Of course, this weekend I had a dream, in which I remembered the plot. Sometimes I feel like my dreams are elaborate stories that I have yet to write.

It is no secret that I am going to the Dominican Republic at the end of this month. I have talked about it briefly in several past posts and I have counted down a little on Twitter (16 more days). So in my dream, I am all set to go and I head to the airport. I am about to give in my ticket and what did I forget...My Passport. The feeling that I had at that moment was very similar to a feeling that I had when I was a kid. My brother was going on a trip to somewhere, I am not sure if it was Six Flags or Disney World. I must have been like 4 and I followed him to the car and then was told I wasn't going. The horror on my face was only as bad as the tears that followed.

Nevertheless, when I discovered my passport missing it lead to a wilder dream that I am not even going to get into as the memory of this dream fades further. So what does this mean? If you have been reading this blog enough you know I have to figure this out. So of course I need to plug the good folks at Dream Moods for the definition of this dream. Lets start with what dreaming about passports:
To see a passport in your dream, represents your identity and your ability to traverse various situations. You may be going through a period of finding yourself and discovering who you are. You are experiencing new found freedom to do what you want and go where you want.
Totally not surprised by this. Clearly I am trying to do things and move back to New York City. This next one may not be so much a surprise as much as how accurate it is:
To dream that you lose your passport, indicates that you are trying to find yourself and get a sense of who you are. Alternatively, you may feel that opportunities are being closed off to you.
This is what I am talking about! I never expressed it in words and I think it is because I do not want to complain. I am trying my hardest to maintain my life while searching for a an opportunity that will not pull the rug from under me. It has been rough and I have been picky. I am not simply applying for anything in hopes of getting something. Things are not as good as I would like and it can be frustrating. However, I do realize that things will eventually happen. I need to go through this in order to appreciate what life has to offer me. I do not want to be one of those people who take life in general for granted. I would like to do things the right way (and still get out of debt).

In terms of trying to find myself...I guess I am still doing that huh? Well path to finding one's self is a long one. I can say that what I found so far is a writer and a poet. Let's see what else I find (and yes I do have my passport ready).

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