Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 Random Things...

So, I have been tagged on Facebook several times to do a posting of 25 random things about me. I decided to do on here as well because Brook was so nice to tag me on her blog. (Which you all must read). These are not in any order, just in the order I think of it.

1. I am a hardcore New York Mets Fan. (enough said)

2. I have a huge comic book collection that dates back to my childhood days

3. I have a dog named Rocky. He is a Lhasa Apso and has diabetes. Yes, they get diabetes. I give him a shot of insulin every 12 hours. When he doesn't get his shot. He pees like a race horse...

4. I am convinced that Papa John's puts crack in their Pizza. That pizza is so good, I cannot even describe.

5. I am addicted to the Nintendo Wii. I love video games as it is but, this one puts the fun back in to gaming.

6. I got hooked on Desperate Housewives...I can't believe that one...

7. Despite the fact that my wife does most of the cooking, I do love to cook. I haven't done it in a while so I think it might be time.

8. I cannot watch the movie: My Dog Skip, without crying. It makes me think of the other dog I had, Rusty, that died 2 years ago. He was 4.

9. I love Facebook games! I take all challengers in Scrabble, Scramble, Word Challenge, Tetris, Bowling Buddies, Who has the Biggest Brain, and Geo

10. I have written several short stories in different genres...few that I actually share with people.

11. As I write this, I have 3639 songs on my iTunes. I love music in all forms. So you could walk in my office and here anything like The Notorious B.I.G., Finger Eleven, Marc Anthony, Alicia Keys, Aventura, Don Omar, Guns & Roses, Kanye West, John Legend....just to name a few...

12. On the subject of music, I love Alicia Keys

13. I am in desperate need of a haircut. Lucky there is a Dominican barber (Hector) who will be hooking me up on Saturday.

14. My Spanish sucks! However, I know just enough to eat, find a hospital, find a bathroom, and find a library (Donde estas biblioteca?).

15. I use to draw a lot. I don't do so much anymore, except in boring meetings. I find myself drawing all types of things...including my co-workers.

16. My Guidance Counselor (Mr. Heckmen, for my St. Rays Alums) in High School thought I would never get into Syracuse. I fooled him huh.

17. Been working at Syracuse University for almost 8 years now.

18. I have friends up here who attended Holy Cross (Elementary School in the Bronx) with me, which is nuts!

19. I play basketball every Monday in the City Rec League.

20. My father is on Facebook...I just find that to be odd...

21. I have managed to write a post everyday on my blog since I started. I would like to continue that trend

22. I would like to write a book, but since I am a Gemini, I cant decide on what. Not to mention that I may not finish it because I may get bored with

23. My first major in college was History. When I found about is was more about his story (thanks AAS 112), I switched to English...

24. As a student at SU, all my friends would tell me that one day I will end up running the Schine. I did't beleive that. I guess I should have!

25. I met my wife on Yahoo Personals in 1999. Turned out she lived 3 blocks away from in the Bronx and went to Holy Cross. Never met her until then...

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