Monday, April 26, 2010

Dear Arizona...

Dear Arizona,

What a wild ride it must be. To take a stand against immigration! Wow! I am sure that all the Republicans in your great state are celebrating this monumental victory. Think about how you have all the illegal Mexicans cowering in their sombreros (big Mexican hats).I am sure that our borders are now much safer from those brown aliens that do nothing but work the jobs you wont do and multiply! We certainly do not want The United States of America (land of the free) to be a melting pot of all cultures. After all, the American Dream is reserved for it citizens only (or at least the rich ones anyway).

Speaking of dreams, I am sure next January, when you have a day off for Martin Luther King Jr, you can think about all the Mexicans who get pulled over for just looking brown. Let's face it, this is what that holiday is for, to observe the idea of Civil Rights. Martin Luther King's dream was of little black and white children playing together in harmony. There was no mention of Latinos (or Mexicans...let's face it, it is all the same to you). Of course, it took you all so long to even recognize that holiday that perhaps the true significance is lost some where in the desert that is your state.

Nor should I mention that the true illegals are us. Of course, I wont count African Americans because they were brought here. In fact, I wont even count Latinos because...well most of us were either here first or forced to come. We cannot count Asians because who else was gonna build the Railroads? So I guess that leaves you. I know, it wasn't your fault that your ancestors raped and killed most of the original population here before this was considered the "land of the free." The Native (please note the word "native") Americans were just savages right? How dare they not use up all the land and natural resources! We could have blamed them for Global Warming (which you don't believe exist because it is always hot in Arizona)!

Well when you think about it, I guess it is only right to pull over every Mexican look-a-like since Arizona used to be a part of Mexico. Great Job Arizona! Let's make sure we stand proud because as you know, before this decade is up, Latinos will be the majority in America!



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Kaliegh Derting said...

AMEN! I am a latino woman granted i look white but it pains me to see such ignorance in america when at this point in time you'd think we'd be over it.It's hurtful to think of all the latinos that will be getting harrased because of the way we look it's not fair and i appricate the fact that you truely understand it was a great piece


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