Thursday, August 6, 2009

No Ideas What to Write...So I Ramble...

I have been thinking all day about what it is that I want to write about. I haven't really been able to identify one particular subject that I have wanted to spend time to think and write about. Most of the posts on this blog have been so much about emotion and what burning issue is in my head. I will say after that poem I wrote 2 days ago, I have had writers block.

So, in what I consider to be in true fashion of a writer, I am going to write anyway. I think part of the block that I have has to do with the better mood I have been feeling over the last week or so. I have always prided myself in really being able to put my thoughts on "paper" when my emotions are either high or low. The problem is that the poem that wrote actually hurt me to write. I have never been hurt by something I wrote. It tookme a few hours to really put myself back together after that. I consider that to be good writing.

It also does not help when I get interrupted when I am writing. I am all about flow. I can flow pretty well when I start writing. However, if I get interrupted (like I did when writing this) then I lose my place. It also does not help that I am watching the George Lopez on Nick at Night. So I am laughing in between sentences.

One thing that I have realized is that everyone seems to be going through something personal. I feel that while I am going through my personal issues that it is very easy to forget that someone just may have it worse than me. I can that people front as if they are happy when they really aren't.

So at this point, I am taking things day by day. I am looking forward to the students coming back. Work is pretty dead in the summer without them. Once I was done with my trip to Florida, I was ready for the school year.

I am really starting to like the some of the Twitter feeds and topics I am starting to see also. There are some real positive Latinos that I am following. I am constantly being reminded of why I started this blog in the first place. When I started this in January, I want to talk about the lack of Afro-Latinos in media and while I have done that, my personal like has gotten in the way.

Not to fear however, as we get closer to Latino Heritage Month, I am going to make sure I get back on track, so you may all be seeing my emotional side mixed in with my passion to educate my people about the invisible Latinos among us: Afro Latinos.

I will continue to update the links to show more me. I wont add photos because that is what Facebook is for. I want to mainly concentrate what I can pull from my head when it come to this blog. Below are sites you can find me at:

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