Friday, October 16, 2009

Doors To Redemption

A short poem today but...I have learned that you cant always pick the length of what come from the heart:

How many times
will I have to relive the past
to discover that time heals
old wounds slowly
in fact so slow that it
is like running backwards
on an escalator
that puts us nowhere
but yet I still care?
How many times do I
have to blame myself
or show that I really
did things incorrectly
my words did come out incoherently
I have just grown tired
of hiding behind the melancholy
forgiveness goes both ways
letting go of all past days
of all the fighting and the tears
where truth unlocks hidden fears
the doors of the long hallway
are opening and it is time
to choose which direction
that will lead to redemption

1 comment:

Unknown said...

healing comes through growth.

you'll always remember, but it's in how you remember that will be the difference in your life.

best of luck as you go through the process. i'll be thinking and hoping for you.


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