Monday, October 12, 2009

A Letter to My Blog...

I know. I have been neglecting you. I just want to say that it is not you, it is me. I have been so busy with work. It is not like I have been visiting other blogs. Well, that is not entirely true..yeah I have. I am sorry I do try to write everyday! I have a notebook that I carry with me! Of course, I seem to be writing more poems then blogs...but I am writing! Ok...ok! You are still my number one. I will make a pact with you...

I have noticed that if I plan my days right I can make 200 blog entries for the year. That will require only 10 blog entries per month for the next 3 months. I fully plan on making this mark. Latino Heritage Month is coming to a close this week and I have one more big event weekend at the end of this month. This means that I will have more time. However, I have been job searching as well which take up much of my time as well.

The bad part of it all is that I have even stopped the frequency of my running! I still get to exercise, but being tired really plays tricks with you mind. I will say that my diet has not changed. I am still eating pretty well so I will still have the energy to run when I get back to it. Before, you think I have fallen off the wagon, I will be working on my arms today (finally). Not to mention that I have my daily Monday night basketball practice game. What I find funny is that I am the only one who has lost weight and has enough stamina to run back and forth from court to court.

I know what you are thinking. You have been my number one thing for such a long time and you think I am losing interest. That is just simply not the case! I think about you all the time. Sometimes I just don't know what to say to you. When you are not looking I visit you but I don't sign in. I don't meant to be distant. My love for you is great. I even posted the video above to show you how busy I have been! I have even mentioned you!

I don't want you to be jealous of Twitter. I mean, she is nice looking, but you and I have a bond! I came to you when I was a low point in my life. I have cried to you and I have told you all my thoughts. You have made me a better person. Because of you I am able to face all my fears and head them straight on. Because of you I have also met some truly amazing people.

So do not think that I no longer love you. That is simply not true. I think some times you need space from things so that you can truly appreciate them. I have grown to love you more and more everyday and I have some serious plans for us in the future. I wont tell you now because you will only get excited and bug me about when these changes will take place...but just know that 2010 is OUR year.

P.S. Mike Robles is pretty funny huh?

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