Thursday, March 11, 2010

I Wear It On My Sleeve

Today seemed like it would have been a great day. Even though I got up 15 minutes later than I wanted to. I was still able to take a nice shower and walk to the Metro North station in Pelham in time to catch my train. I was a beautiful day in my standards. I didn't need the usual hat nor glove that I rock in Syracuse because New York City weather is usually better.

I got off at Grand Central Station. Walked through Times Square. Stopped by Starbucks to get my daily liquid crack and then I  proceeded to Madison Square Garden for the Big East Tournament. You have to understand, after last year, I had to go. I just had to root for the Syracuse Orange. I get my tickets from will call and I head to my seat.  Then it happened. We Lost.

I am quite sure if anyone of you were to go to a game with me, either a Met game or a Syracuse game, you will be entertained. I am no the type to erupt with vulgarity (at least, when I sober), but you will definitely know that win or lose, I wear my heart and loyalty on my sleeve.

I want to mention the fact there were a lot of orange in the crown at MSG today. So I wasn't alone in my disappointment. What made today interesting was the fact SU are favorites to win the National title which is something I am not used to. I am used to teams that are underdogs. So, being that SU has been  playing so well, I have been a bit of an asshole. I am quite ok with this. However, I try not to duel with other fans because I would rather concentrate on the game.

Needless to say, as the seconds began to roll off the clock, anyone who wasn't an SU fan stood up and cheered Georgetown. I think we have become hated. I love it! Although, I slowly began to despise the old man sitting next to me because it was like he know exactly the strategy to be Syracuse....whatever.

So, yes I was mad all day. You can tell in my scowl. I walked the streets pretty mad and some people in Times Square would say to me: "tough loss man..." I am a sore loser. I know this. This is a part of my nature. I hate to lose and yet I never seem to win all the much but when I do, you will know.

I meet up with a friend of mine who ended up missing the game. He was going to the later set of games to see the University of Pittsburgh play. As I described the game to him, he would just give me this look. He then says, "You wear it on your sleeve, don't you?". Hell yeah I do! That is me, Mr. Emotion. I feel like that is all I ever do. This is why the off switch becomes so important! There is hardly ever a mystery when it comes to the way I feel. Sometimes I don't mind it but other times I loathe it with a passion. This would be a reason why I write poetry so I can ease my extreme sense of emotion about whatever is on my mind.

When it comes down to it, this is just a basketball game and I will live. But, in case anyone wants to talk about how I am being ridiculous for being angry about this, lets think about the billions of Soccer fans across the world who destroy whole stadiums when their teams loses! I think I am entitled to just a little bit of emotion!

No one can ever tell me that I do not have heart because knowing me means you see it everyday.

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