Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What is up with Men?

Let me preface this blog with saying that I am writing this out of pure emotion. Not just about anger or disappointment but maybe just pure bewilderment on how some men can act. If you have been reading my blog long enough you know that I have no problem calling myself out on my own shit. Yeah, I am not perfect. I have done things that would make you give me the side-eye. But all in all, I think I treat most women with the sheer respect that they deserve.

So why is that other men cannot do this? Why is it that men have to act like they are entitled to what is in between a woman's legs? When did this become an acceptable practice? I know that the dating game has changed but... seriously?

I have been brought to believe that women deserve respect. No matter how ruthless they are or how untrustworthy some can be. I spoken about this before that women can be a certain way and I do believe that but, since when do these men feel the need to be disrespectful? I forget, most men are assholes. I have heard too many stories just within the past week about too many guys who take liberties in speaking and acting with women. I have a news flash: Your dick is not that great if you feel the need to flaunt it as if women are the ones missing something.

It is one thing to flirt with a woman because when that begins and when she is in to you then perhaps certain liberties can be allowed. Sometimes both men and women can get carried away in the heat of the moment but where does the line get drawn? What about when a woman is not flirting with a man and he just too drunk or maybe too stupid to get the point? Is it that hard for a man to walk away and find someone else? Of course not. As I mentioned last year, the male ego is way too fragile. Because of their inadequacies, they will push aside respect to get what they want and if they get away with it once, they will continue and be more aggressive with the next woman.

This is why I have no patience nor tolerance for men who disrespect women. They are cowards. They cannot handle their own insecurities and they take it out what they perceive to be weaker people. We allow this to happen all the time because we are supposed to be "stronger" gender.

Then there are the other men who standby. Those ones who protect their friends. I begin to wonder who is worse. Do you allow your male friends to disrespect a woman? Do you stand by and not defend a woman because that your boy? Is it that hard to be a man these days? Oh wait. I bet if your boy disrespected your sister then it is a different story.

So disappointed. Maybe it is just me. Whatever.


Rameer The Circumstance said...

It's not just you, Ant. I have this convo like every other week with the lil' dudes in my old neighborhood when I come through.

Unfortunately, they have no one to teach them what you and I were taught...but that's a MUCH larger issue.

Anthony Otero said...

It is quite ridiculous! I was hoping it wasn't just me.

Eccentric_Girl said...

This is a very refreshing read.

Not very many males think like this anymore.

No particular sex is more deserving of respect than the other.


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