Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tid Bit Tuesday

Finally Home!

After a 20+ hour drive, I am back from Florida. I had a great time. I didn't do much, but that is the point right? I was able to chill out with the folks and talk. I feel bad because the stash of Bud Light Lime is gone. I am not sure how many of those I had. Overall, I had plenty of time to myself, which is what I wanted.

The ride back was better then the ride going. We completely bypassed New York and New Jersey. Of course, I am home now and I am pretty bored...already.

10 Things I Learned on My Trip..

  1. It rains EVERYDAY in Central Florida! Sure the Sun comes out, but you better head inside by 3pm.
  2. We, as in New Yorkers, cannot complain about rain. The size of these drops will keep you wet for hours. Trust me my sandals are not the same (squish)
  3. Running 4 miles is not happening after 9am. It is way too hot. Wasn't trying to die.
  4. People from Virgina cannot drive...if you don't believe me drive that portion of I95
  5. Pennsylvania has construction for no reason. They tare up the roads just to piss people off. The same project from last year...is still being worked on.
  6. North Carolina is a HUGE state...I am still dreaming about driving through it.
  7. Disney World has the best customer service period...hands down.
  8. You cannot drive that far without a GPS system. That thing (a Tom Tom) was great!
  9. I could live on Ceviche...I may have to blog about that.
  10. I discovered that I am down a pants size...(all that running)
I Got Darker

One thing I wanted to make sure was that there was some visible proof that I went to Florida. Sure, I can take pictures and show them around, but nothing says vacation like black skin! There was a point last week when I told myself I need to just sit outside and just cook. My dad has a nice pool behind the house that is screen in (damn those insects). I sat out there when it wasn't raining and read my book.

Now, there maybe...some pictures that might get out, that perhaps my father in his infinate wisdom, will post on his Facebook. Yes, the man has Facebook. So does my step mother. I gave a Facebook 101 class the first night I was there. In either case, I will let you know.

I think there is video too...

1 comment:

Brooke said...

You ain't neva lied about PA...they STAY doing construction there! The same stretch of 95 has been under construction for years! Buffoonery.

Glad you had fun :-)


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