Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tid Bit Tuesday (Florida Edition)


This past Saturday I went to a wedding for a co-worker. We left pretty early in the afternoon. Of course it rains pretty much every day up here so, there was a big thunderstorm in Syracuse. My dog, Rocky, does not like Thunderstorms. So, when he hears the noise he pretty much goes crazy. He will bark and scratch at the door (same thing happens with fireworks). Usually it passes when the thundering stops. He normally stays in the patio in the backyard, but sometimes he will just let himself get soaked.

We get back from the wedding at about 10 and when Josie calls out to Rocky, he does not answer. So I go out to the back with a flash light. Nothing, no sign of him anywhere. I am like stunned. How the hell does this dog get out??? Not to mention that I have to drive to Florida in the morning. So we wait until the morning to report him lost at the various animal shelters. Once we knew we could do nothing...we left for Florida (5 hours later than scheduled).

We were somewhere in southern New Jersey when I got a call from the SPCA that someone may have found Rocky. Turns out my neighbor, 2 doors down, found him and took him in! So all i had to do was arrange from someone to get him, which I did. My dear friend Maria, picked up Rocky yesterday and returned him to our home (where he is now CHAINED...kidding). Thank you all for the well wishes. We were concerned because he had not had his medicine in over a day, but Maria is making sure that he is fine. Thank You Maria!

Trip to Florida

So far my trip is going well. The drive down was good. I want to say it was rough, but driving all 17 hours was not bad. There were 3 of us on this trip so there was a lot of conversations and laughter. I am always amazed how beautiful the country can be on the road. I ended up driving late at night and earlier in the morning.

I know I mentioned this before but, I really do love to drive. During this time on my life, I feel that is one of things I can do that I need to concentrate on and not think to much about what seem to be happening to me.

My Sanctuary

I have decided to call my parents home "My Sanctuary." This is become my place where I do not have to do anything. I can just be here with my thoughts and not worry about my job or any other outside influences. I did bring some books to read. I plan on being in the pool and just doing nothing.

I actually had some drinks. Gin and Tonic. I never had that before. Really not bad. I had ceviche too! This should be a good week because I deserve it. I need to have some time to be a monk and just live for me. I think I can do that.

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Morena's Bohio said...

First let me say....I'm so glad you found your dog!!

I think it's a good idea to call your parents home your sanctuary. I hadn't realized just how much of a sanctuary they were until recently....I suppose when your an adult one appreciate them more...lol....I envy you.....books and ceviche.....!!

P.S. Thanks for stopping by my blog.... :-)


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