Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Poem: Facet of Me

In my quest to shake off the bad vibes of last month, I decided to post this poem that I wrote a few years ago. This is a different type of poem you may expect from me, but hey, I am a man...

She engulfs my presence
Runs shivers through my essence
Her movements are so calculated
Her actions have so demonstrated
That her intent is to explore every facet of me

Once she makes me feel warm,
Words become hard to form
I close my eyes so I can dream
About how this should never end
But her intent is to explore deeper the very facet of me

Her eyes are fixed on every expression
Everything she has done is right with no exception
I try to push back my excitement because I know
As well as she does where this will go
But her intent is to consume every facet of me

She takes over with complete control
Ready to take my body as a whole
My manhood loves when she goes down this road
And is waiting for her to break the mold
Her intent is devour the very facet of me

She takes me on roller coaster with every turn
Up and down, side to side, each move I yearn
For a bigger plunge and a faster spin
I try to hold out, but this a game she will win
Her intent is to dominate the facet of me

My excitement kills the hush
As I explode with such a rush
Intent quickly become reality
Revealed to her is the inner man she can see
She has taken the very facet of me


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