Thursday, February 26, 2009

Crack and other things.

It has been a long day! Spring Break is in 2 weeks and I cannot wait. I took that week off and I plan to just relax. Maybe then I will have better topics to discuss. There is an app on the iPhone & iTouch called Urbanspoon. This is one of those apps that helps you decide on what to eat if you are having issues deciding. With a shake of the device the choice is made as if you just pulled the lever of a slot machine. I find this to be very clever and it has helped us decide what to eat on any occasion.

They need to make one for blogs! I wish I had one when it comes to choosing a topic to write about. I would call it Blogspoon. I can shake my device and there be a spin of all the topics I can talk about. This way I don't have to worry about what to talk about. Better yet, I would not have to write about the fact that I have nothing to blog about!

I will say though that I am jealous. My father is in Costa Rica right now. Every so often he will just pack up and go some where. He is retired and is taking his fiance (yes he is getting married) to Costa Rica. Oh...but they are not alone. They are going with her son and his wife. So why am I jealous? He is having fun right? I am jealous because no one asked me! I could have easily take this week off!

Let me also inform you of something evil. I am so very much addicted to Milk Chocolate Strawberries by Harry and David. I am so addicted. It makes me think about the many things that I feel are made with a little known substance called CRACK. This is highly addictive substances that is featured in movies like New Jack City and Jungle Fever.

So, with that said, I think that IHOP makes their pancakes with Crack. McDonald's Fries are clearly Crack. Mint Double Stuffed Oreo are Crack! Mint Chocolate Girl Scout Cookies are clearly Crack. All of these things are so not good for me...but I eat them.

Brook...This is truly a Random Thursday.


Anonymous said...

doritos are crack, hawaiian punch is crack, krispy kreme donuts are crack, those little noodles that come with the chinese soup are greasy crack...

Cosat Rica!?? damn, they left you in the dust.

Southern Sassy Girl said...

I feel your pain about Cosat Rico...Did you ask him why didn't he include you?

Crack!! When you put it that way, I guess everyone has some crack in their life.

I would like to see you blog on "What kind of people you have chatted with online and if and how they affect you (if they have)?"

Brooke said...

I like Dre's crack list. My personal crack list is Snapple, my cheesecake, reeces peanut butter cups, and Edy's fruit popsicles.

Anthony Otero said...

The Costa Rica trip is really not that serious. I can only take my parents for a certain period of time.

San, that is really not a bad topic. I have met may people online and I guess I should talk about how they affect (like you). Thanks!

Brook...good choice on the cheescake, especially from JUNIORS! I am more of a Reeces Pieces type of person.


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