Friday, February 27, 2009

Ode to Flan

Flan [flan, flahn; for 1 also Sp. flahn; for 2 also Fr. flahn] 1. Spanish Cookery. a dessert of sweetened egg custard with a caramel topping.

I think that that Flan (you really need to be Latino to say it properly) is another word for GOOD. I was introduced to this yummy goodness when I was a kid by mi abuela. It is hard to describe the texture but it just about melts in your mouth. If made really good, it almost taste like coffee (well to me it does).

I will admit that when I was a kid that I wasn't too fond of this dessert, but as I got older I have become very used to the taste. I do not suggest getting this at the store where it is pre-packages like Jello Pudding. You will need to find yourself and old Latin woman to make it for you.

Ok, maybe that is not true, but if you are looking for some good Flan then you need to find yourself a Latino/a who cooks. Sure there are website in which you can attempt to make this, but this is not for a novice. Not only that, you will need to know what Flan is supposed to taste like. Please do not go to the Food Network looking for a "caramel custard" because you will only be disappointed.

I make my ode to Flan because my wife seems to make it very well. I am here trying to add my 2 cents to this world only to find myself blindside by the sharing of recipes with our friend, Maria (apparently Flan comes in different flavors, including dark chocolate). Blindsided by the finished product of what I am officially adding to the CRACK list. Flan is a drug that must be consumed in small portions.


Brooke said...

Flan never really did it for me, unless I tasted bad flan. I've had it several times made by several different people and it's not terrible, but it's not crack to me. If made correctly it tastes like coffee, then I might not like it, since I don't like coffee. But worse than flan is tres leches cake. I think it's the consistency, but soggy cake doesn't appeal to me. But cheesecake? That's crack to me.

Anthony Otero said...

Well, part of the reason I didnt like flan as a kid was because I didnt like coffee. Now, since I drink coffee (and i should add that to my crack list), the taste is not bad at all.

Tres Leches is just nasty to me. I would rather eat Farina (which I hate).


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