Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Guess Who Got a Hair Cut?

I have to tell you, there are very few things better than a dog in a good mood. When Rocky is shaved, he is like a bat out of hell. He wants to run every where and do everything. When his fur is fully grown in, he is lazy and grumpy. He looks like a mop! So getting him groomed is like getting a brand new dog.

I have no problem with his energy or his guile, the problem I have is that he is blind! Rocky is about 8 years old and with all this dog has been through, I am surprised he is so energetic. He has diabetes and lost his vision. However, it is almost like when he has his buzz cut that he can see again. He has a problem with going down the stairs but with his new look, he is almost a bullet.

I was greeted at the dog today by this blur today and I am happy about that. Since my other dog passed 2 summers ago, I feel he has never been the same. But it is always great to see him like this. As I write this he is killing this bone that we gave him from a Pernil that my wife made.

Josie just said, "You know he is a Puerto Rican Dog"

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Brooke said...

LOL!! A Puerto Rican dog! LMAO!! It's so funny you say that, because people say "I can tell Cole is black"...Cole being my cat :-) And you're right, it's so sweet when animals are happy. I love when my cat purrs under my feet or walks across a magazine I'm trying to read just to get my attention while rubbing up on my face. Love it love it love it! You have a cute little doggy :-)


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