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Man Rules - Chapter 1: Women vs. The Boys

I am not blogging today. I have too much on my mind, but I think this a good topic. Thank you for the Birthday Wishes...

{Originally Posted on Brookey's Cafe Blog, I was a guest blogger }

I do not talk about being a man very much. Quite frankly, because I don't want to get into a discussion about what a real man is. It is like trying to prove that humans are perfect. I will say that there are certain rules to that man have to adhere to when it come to each other. Especially if they are boys! Some of the rule are unspoken rules that are just observed by just about every male and his close friends.

I have decided that every so often I will discuss Man Rules on my blog, Inside My Head. As a special treat I will debut this right here on Brooke's Blog.

Today, I will talk about one thing: Women. How will women can fuck up a perfectly good friendship or at least piss off your boys long enough that they will avoid you for long periods of time. Now, this is my perspective as a Latino Male. These are the things I live by when it come to close friends. I am not talking about associates or guys that do really chill with one another.

Never...and I do mean NEVER, let a woman in between you and your boys. Just do not do it. This rule is not a soft rule. This a solid rule. Most men know that when you are married or at least dating that there are only certain amounts of time that they can chill with the boys. There is no way to compete with the love and affection (and ass) that a woman can provide. We have no issues with that. As a matter of fact, we are happy about that. If you have a woman that means that you are getting what you need.

If there comes a time where you are slated to hang out with your boy(s). Then that becomes "man time". That means that all parties involved inform their ladies that they are hanging out with the boys. This way there is no miscommunication as to what is happening. Please make sure that certain things are done to ensure that man time is not interrupted. Hear are two basic examples:
  1. Make sure that, if you have dog, child, or any chores that need to be done...are taken care of. We do not want to witness fights or general nagging from her.
  2. Make sure that your woman is aware of your intention to hang out with boys. Phone calls of a yelling wife demanding your return is not taken likely the fellas.
  3. Do not take offense when you called out because you are whipped. It happens. Most guys who are in a real relationship are whipped. We know this, we just pick on the one who is whipped the most. In fact, the whole concept of having a woman is to be whipped. Women can be the best thing in our lives, guys know this. Do you think most will admit it? To each other? I do not think so. Just as long as you still give the boys respect, we are good.
  4. If you have a new girl, please expect us to make fun of her. Nothing personal, we don't know how long it will take before you do something so wrong that you mess it up. So, to us she is just another person in your life. We will know how serious you are about her. If you tell us all the freaky shit she does in bed or with her tongue then chances are not trying to wife her. Now, you are all on that new shit about not telling your boys anything, then this is whole different situation.
I bring all of this up because once a man selects his circle of friends, he rarely changes it. The friends that are made in college are going to be the same friends that he will have by the time her is 40. After the age of 30, men do not try to find more friends. While they can spend their whole life looking for that perfect woman, they can be pretty content with their friends. Most men are fickle. They will keep their boys close until something outlandish happens.

Which brings me to my next point. Do not let a woman become in between you. If you are both feeling the same girl, person who ends up with her is the "winner". Do not go behind his back and try to screw around (even if the attraction is mutual) That is a cardinal sin and will lead to fists being thrown. At the same time, do not entertain the notion of dating your boy's ex-girlfriend. That may lead down a path you are so not ready for. The last thing you want to do is getting into your head that she is comparing because chances are...she is.

A bond between boys is something that is not easily broken and if it broken easily then the bond was not really there. Wouldn't you agree?

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