Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Soundtrack (For the Week)

The more I listen to music the more I realize that there are certain songs that I am drawn to. These songs seem to get a little more play than others on my normal play list. I make sure that I do not play the same thing over and over again from day to day. Which is why at work, I just have my iTunes on shuffle and let it play.

This week in particular, I have noticed that I have been rocking particular songs that have either meant something to me or are starting to mean something. There are times this week when maybe I payed a little more attention to the lyrics than I have before. Other songs are just a beat to bob my head to and makes me think of nothing.

In any case, music tends to soothe me. I have been trying to find a widget or a player to embed on this site that would show and play the songs that come to mind. When I find the right one, I will display it.

Below is my sound track of the week, which means that if someone made a movie of my life for just this week, these would be the featured tracks:
  1. Closer - Nine Inch Nails
  2. Karma - Alicia Keys
  3. Wake Up - Rage Against the Machine
  4. Let Me Be Myself - 3 Doors Down
  5. Remember Me - T.I. (featuring Mary J. Blidge)
  6. Keep it Movin' - Leaders of the New School
  7. Love Lockdown - Kanye West
  8. Beggin' - Madcon
  9. Goin' Out West - Tom Waits
  10. Feeling Good - Muse
  11. Just Be - Tiesto

I have found these 11 songs have been on heavy rotation for this past week, for whatever reason. Sometimes, I find that I think too much as it is. I think I would rather have the music think for me.

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Serena W. said...

Karma is the shiznit! I've been bumping Tweet this week for some reason. Her song, "I'm Done" should have been played in 2007 for real! I think Brooke knows how to add a player to the blog.


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