Sunday, March 22, 2009


I need to get an HDTV! It has gotten to the point where too many people I know have one of these things, like my brother pictured above. We have talked about getting one but have always pulled back because of the prices. Now, with the economic downturn, I see these prices dropping rapidly. So, really it is just about what brand I want to pick.

Now, with all that being said. I still do not want to pull the trigger. I do not want to part with the money because I am always thinking about what if I may need this money later. The last thing I want to do is end up regretting making this type of purchase.

Buying stuff like this is not a show of success for me. If I want something I usually just get it, but this type of purchase just doesn't sit well sometimes. Don't get me wrong, I would love to play the wii on this thing. I would so much enjoy watching sports or movies on screen that is wide and crystal clear. Then, I think about what else I could use that money for.

Thinking about this sparks another thought, "Just what could I use my money for?" Well, besides the fact that I am going to Florida in July, I am not sure there is another purchase outside of bills and food that I absolutely need the money for. I do have hobbies, like comic books and music. Then there are clothes that I like to buy. So, I don't really know.

The other problem I have is the need for me to use my money for Christmas shopping. Sure, it is along way out, but it happens to me every year. I will be hurting for money by the time Christmas comes around and then I will be dying to get my tax check. I need to reverse this trend.

I need a bailout!


Georgia Peach said...

I'm the same way when it comes to making big ticket purchases. You just have to decide what is more important to you - having a great HD TV or the trip to FL that you mentioned.

Sometimes it's just nice to have savings for a rainy day, but then I always think Life is too short and might as well buy things that I can enjoy here on earth. Good luck with making a decision on this... I am hanging on to my 12+ year old TV's until they burn out. Having a fancy HD will have to wait for me until after grad school. :o)

Anthony Otero said...

I just need to make more money! It is sad that all the TVs and DVD players are all outdated. Even a normal tv signal is


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