Saturday, March 28, 2009


March is almost over. I am so very surprised by this. It has been a pretty long month. Usually, these months fly right by, but since I have blogged everyday, it makes me actually stop and look around. Otherwise, I might just say how fast this year is going.

The economy is still bad. Which makes me wonder how long it will before we start thinking this is the norm. One of the things I use to say in my old blogs was that the ghetto is expanding. While I meant it in the way of the Hip Hop culture taking over, I feel that now with more and more rich people being broke, well the ghetto is starting to expand.

What will the rich white people do? The ones who gained all that wealth on the backs of others? The ones who never worked a hard day, what will they do? I know they wont be picking grapes. They will be cleaning rooms in hotels. So what are they going to do? Perhaps they will make tent in a middle of big state park and call it Tent City.

Money is the root of all evil and we know this. While, it is unfair to point out every person who has lost jobs and money, you have to consider that for most people who live paycheck to paycheck and have riding the poverty line, not much has changed. Their economy has always sucked and life goes on.

I have been fortunate to still have my job and I know that. I hated working for corporate America and I may just add to the archives the blogs I wrote on how bad it was. While money can be good and used for good things, in corporate America, if you are not about making money then you are not valuable.

We are all valuable! Each and everyone has value. We are a part of the consumer market. So we have value. But the problem is that only a certain percentage of us have the power to control who puts value on us.


Georgia Peach said...

LN - Money is not the root of all evil, the love of money is the root of all evil. I personally hope that this whole economic meltdown thing will help to balance out the haves ad and the have-nots so that more than just 1% of our population has all of the wealth. Who knows maybe our new President might be able to change our whole financial system.

Anthony Otero said...

That is the hope. I think it will. The problem is that so many people are expecting Obama to finx this economy now. It will just not happen this quickly...

Brooke said...

It kills me how people expect our president to fix the economy overnight when it took YEARS to create this mess. I agree with Glee, the LOVE of money, the greed on Wall St., a culture of excess - all created this mess. I hope after we get out of this recession we'll all have a greater respect for money and value of people rather than of things.


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