Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What is it about Sleep?

I love to sleep. I could sleep all day if it was up to me. So, why is that I don't allow myself to get enough of it? I always feel the need to stay up late. You do not have convince me for long to stay up. What makes it worse is that I act this way even when I have to be at work in the morning. There are times I have been up past 2 am. What the hell am I doing? This week I am on vacation and I find myself not getting enough sleep.

Well, it is like this. I love to sleep, but since I spent so much time and energy at work, when I get home the last thing I want to do is sleep. Although, I am a very big fan of napping. I can nap like a champ. Anywhere between 15 - 45 minutes and I am refreshed! It just cannot be too long because then I cannot sleep later. So, again when the times comes for me to sleep, I just don't want to. The reason is that the sooner I sleep, the sooner I have to get my ass up to work.

Now, I love my job and all the random events and phone calls/emails that I may get at any given time. But as most of us know, work is work. So everyday I pull my head up from the pillow and get ready for work. I count how many hours I had sleep. Normally is it about 6 hours. On a good night I will get 7 and 1/2. On the weekends, I catch up and 8-9 hours.

However, this week, I am not getting enough sleep at all. I am up playing the Wii, watching the World Baseball Classic, reading blogs, chatting, and ripping DVDs (more on that in a later blog). So, I go to bed late, but I do not want to waste most of the day sleeping so I get up earlier than I need to. Then, last night I am thinking...you know I should just go to sleep and wake up when I wake up. Here is how it went...

- 3:46am Head on pillow
- 8:09am Text Message from Co-worker saying I did not put an away message on my email (I know...wtf)

- 8:10am tossing
- 8:25am Dog (Rocky) is Snoring
- 8:50am I hear something banging outside...is my neighbor doing construction?
- 9:10am Rocky is tossing because of the damn noise outside
- 9:50am Rocky has this faint high pitched squeal when he wants to go out...
- 10:05am I turn on the laptop...doze off
- 10:15am Squealing again...he is looking at me now...
- 10:20am I finally take him out
- 10:25am I check on the noise...that is not construction, that is the neighbor's big ass dog pulling on the aluminum siding of his house
- 10:30am the IMs begin...

Well I have to pack today and get ready to head to NYC tomorrow. I am leaving in the morning so I really cannot mess around. Then I am thinking...well I can always sleep in the car. Hey, I ain't driving...


Social MZ said...

see thats the difference between u and i my friend. aint nuttin wakin me up once i'm knocked out. this could be why i can't have any pets lol

Brooke said...

You're ass isn't sleeping cuz you're waiting for me to post my blog so you can be first! LOL!!

But I hear you, I can NEVER get too much sleep, yet I find that I stay up late. That's because I get home late from work, but then I get on the computer, try to write my blog for the next day, and then read and comment on other people's blogs cuz I was too busy to do it during the day. I'm a nocturnal person who would rather be up all night and sleep all day. Weekends, I'm lazy, napping and just relaxing...except when I go to Philly and my babies don't let me sleep. Even then I try to steal naps when they do. Sleep is a beautiful thing to me. Maybe I should go to bed now...since you're not up :-) Night!

Quiskaeya said...

I love to sleep too. But like you, once I get home I find a million and one things to do and before I know it, it's 1-2am and I'm just going to bed.

Of course, all the lovely blogs that I'm trying to catch up on only make me stay up longer. lol

Anthony Otero said...

The funny thing is I never mention the blogs I read and how that gets into the mix. It is just apart of my night. I try to read as many as I cant through the day.

But Brook is right though. Her and I are ususally up finishing up our blogs, I just try to comment first!


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