Monday, March 16, 2009

That Feeling...

I felt it today. I am not sure if what I felt is real. I have been longing for this for such a long time. I woke up this morning thinking about it so much. I anticipated its arrival. But, I am not sure it will stay here for long. I want to hope that this feeling will last forever, but I know it wont. But, I cannot think about that. I can only think about how beautiful this feels...The Sun!

That beautiful orb in the sky that has eluded me so much over the last few months. The one thing that brightens my day and makes everything feel so great! For way too long have these skies been gray, oh how I have longed for such a beautiful day.

Today was really great. Think it might have gone as high as 55. I barely needed my coat and I am just hoping that this is start of a great spring. Tomorrow is supposed to hit 60, so clearly I am excited. Of course, I know it will get cold again so what I am really hoping for is that the frost is over. You never know in Syracuse, it did snow at my graduation in 1996 (Mother's Day).

I am so ready to pull out the summer gear! I am tired of wearing sweaters. I am ready for the polo shirts. Trust me, I got a ton of them. This winter has been harsh. It just feels for some reason that this winter was colder and more snowier than any in recent memory.

I just have a good feeling that this summer is going to be good.

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