Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Why I Hate Le Moyne College...

I know hate is a strong word, but at times like these, I think it is very important. Although I work for Syracuse University, I live next to another college campus. Normally this area is really cool. It is quiet and I like my neighbors. It is a safe area and I feel completely comfortable in house. It is great feeling to have about 360 days a year.

There is, however, 4-5 days of the year that makes me want to burn down this campus. Let me start about 6 years ago. We moved into this house and everything was great during the winter and the following spring. This feeling changed when one day in April, we hear this late night commotion. There were the sounds of people screaming and car horns blaring. At first, I was thinking...oh my god, this is the "welcome wagon".

This commotion scared us out of our sleep. I look up at the Cable Box and the time is 3:30. I run down the stairs and open the door...and I see cars of students....passing by....screaming...having fun. Are you kidding me? My wife calls to the campus police and they tell her that they will look into it...(yeah right). The one thing I notice...I am the only neighbor out here in disbelief! Not one of my neighbors are even up! No one is outside protesting this outrage! I have to work in the morning!

Come to find out that Le Moyne has a day called Dolphy Day (their mascot is a Dolphin). This is, apparently, a traditional event where students party and there are games and all this other crap. While, I realize I sound like an old man, please realize how anyone would sound when they are on less than 4 hours of good sleep. Better yet, imagine the feeling of young white college kids driving around looking like they about to lynch someone.

So, according to some people I know, Dolpy day is one day. However, there are fake Dolphy Days in which the Seniors trick the lower classmen into driving around and making noise. I am not sure how much this makes sense, but I know it makes me want to burn down the Friary (this is a Jesuit School).
Anyway, so last night was day 2. The first day was sometime last week. So now I have to be on alert. Most of the time, I can sleep through this. However, a certain little dog cannot. Any loud noises set him off. So if he can't sleep...


Jessica said...

if you dont like it... move!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, it's a campus thing, keep it on the campus, don't mess with the neighborhood.

And Jessica, I believe you are one of those spoiled rotten brats that believe the world cares about your dolphy day, which we don't!

Anonymous said...

Ever heard of tradition? That's what Dolphy Day is for Le Moyne College. And really...are you going to be upset about a few days out of the year that the Le Moyne Community celebrates spring and the end of the year? There are more important things to hate like...oh I don't know, poverty, crime and war to name a few. For someone who is associated with SU, you should really have a better understanding of the word hate.

And as for labeling Jessica as "one of those spoiled rotten brats," a majority of Le Moyne students are enrolled through scholarships because of their extreme intelligence and dedication to a better world, not because they are "spoiled" - genius.

A PROUD Le Moyne Student :)

Anonymous said...

FYI: Le Moyne does have black students as no worries, we won't be lynching anyone. That's why your neighbors weren't outside - because they knew they'd look like fools for standing outside during a local tradition. Oops, you must not have gotten the memo. Sorry to inform you, it was not a welcome wagon. :)


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