Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Phone Blog

I think I am addicted to writing. It took me a few minutes to figure out how to write a new post on my phone. So u know there love there. I am currently on my may to New York City and all I can think about is how in the world am I going to do this? I will say that as a follow up to my last post, I did not get enough sleep.

It is great to have a few days to rest and think. This will the first time I will me going to the Big East tournament and I am quite excited about it. I should be able to get there in enough time to see the Syracuse game tonight. I plan to see some friends, but I am very excited to see me nephew, Justin. I am sure he will keep me up one of these nights trying to beat me at some game on the Wii.

This is really my last breather before the semester really gets busy. April is my killer month with so many shows and concerts that a day off will be hard to come by. Not that I am complaining. I love my job and all it entails. The students keep me very young.

As I look out the window, I begin to see the NYC skyline. Every time I see this it just makes me sad. I truly believe that the skyline has been ruined forever. I still remember that day when I was on Wall Street on 9/11. It was because of that day that I made the final decisions to leave. Funny thing is, I come myself coming back more often lately to visit. Who knows, maybe I may move back.


Brooke said...

I still can't believe you're up in Syracuse. Can you believe I haven't been back there since '95? I probably wouldn't recognize half the stuff there, I've heard it changed alot. Maybe the next CBT.

I hope I get a chance to see you while you're here! Go Orange!

Quiskaeya said...

I can't imagine visiting NYC after 9/11. That must be so hard. Certainly a very bitter sweet thing. Have fun with your nephew!

Anthony Otero said...

Brook, I cant beleive you have not been back once, you school has a brand new building! I have been in there. I think you have a good chanace of seeing me this weekend.

Q, It is always bitter sweet in some way coming back here. But you know, in many ways this will always be my home.

I cannot wait to see Justin, I may blog about that kid!


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