Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Racism is Still Here...

Racism exists. Racism is systemic. Racism is mind numbing. It dulls the senses. It makes you think that it is not there. Witnessing so much of it makes you desensitized to the every day reality of it. Even as much as I think about it and see it, I will always need someone to remind me of it.

It is a sad reality when you realize that you have to work harder and longer than other people. It is a sad reality when the hard work you can put into something can be rendered meaningless because you have no real power. To come out and admit that you in a Racist environment is not an easy thing to do.

Many companies, while they offer extensive EAP benefits, do not have support groups for victims of Racism. These are victims you know! These are the people that are passed up for promotions while watching someone else get appointed to that very same position. These are the people that refuse to talk about their experience because it is too painful; they spend decades at one place only to be betrayed by the "system".

I am angry. I know people like this and to be honest, I was one of these people. It hurts when someone can tell you that Racism is not as bad as it used to be. It hurts when someone can say that Racism is not a problem anymore. My answer to them is simply, wake up.

I have learned over the years that some people would rather employ a white person who is a complete idiot than a brown person who is a genius. Some may not believe it to be true, but I have seen and I even deal with it now. Someone asked me today, "what is worse a white idiot or a black one?" Shit, the black one is worse, of course. As a person of color you never want a brown idiot running around on the job. It makes us all look bad. But to white people a white idiot...is just an idiot. There is no remark like "Well you know how they are".

So, don't be fooled about the fact that we have a black president. Most white people may celebritize Obama like they have Lebron James. Larger than life...or rather, not really a ni**er like the rest of them. Don't be fooled about the choices that are made during these "hard economic times". Though I will say that the people of color have been in a recession since slavery ended. So while a lot people are out of jobs, they are just joining the rest of us...


Jeri said...

Very well written. One of the best blogs yet!

And yes, I do agree with you. Racism is not dead. It's merely kept under wraps. My boyfriend and I were at this dive bar in Yonkers and some random guy came up to him and said "isnt this place great- there are no n____ here." and walked away. Apparently this winner of society assumed because we both have light skin that we are racist?? Had I not been in utter shock that the n-word was actually used in conversation by a white guy, I would have mentioned in a very witty/in your face way that his ex gf is african-american and this winner of society just insulted my boyfriend, his ex and myself.

Needless to say, we have not been back there. And that was in Yonkers!! I can't even fathom what it is like in less diverse cities.

ps- Im still confused as to why people think pigmentation in your skin makes you smarter or dumber or more apt to harm another. If thats the case, shouldn't those who tan be deemed the stupidest people on the planet, seeing as how by darkening your skin, you're choosing to look darker and the darker you are the fewer the brain cells and the more dangerous you are? Hm, perhaps Ill use that line of reasoning to the next racist idiot i encounter- wonder if that would make him/her see the error in his/hers way of thinking

Georgia Peach said...

Wow! This blog is right on time and I have a co-worker here who actually has a lawsuit out against our company about it. She has been here for many years and been passed up for promotions while she's seen many, younger white folks come in as interns and rise to positions above her. What's funny is that she actually fights on my behalf too and has watched my situation here like a hawk (I'm the ONLY director) in my company without an office when there are available offices, while there are folks here who have lower titles (Managers and below) that are white sitting in offices. It's ridiculous and hurtful to see each and everyday.

Jeri and LN- I believe having Pres. Obama actually makes people a whole lot bolder now about their racism. You see more and more stories cropping up about instances of racism now, more than ever. It makes me sad and what's even more sad is the fact that I feel powerless to make any significant changes about it, because I don't want to be labeled the angry black chic in the office (or in life in general). :(

Mocha Dad said...

It's going to take a lot more than Obama's being elected to make racism disappear. People are definitely blind if they beleive we live in a post-racial society.


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