Sunday, March 1, 2009

What's Love Got to do...

Well, I figured a great way to start out Women's History Month. With all the things happening in the world I think I need to talk about Rhianna and Chris Brown. So, we know that he physically assaulted her a few weeks ago. I have read a few articles, some blogs, even spoke to some people about this. I feel that he is wrong for putting his hands on her. Any guy should have the sense to not hit a woman, not matter what buttons she may push.

I am not talking about self defense. I am not saying that if a woman tries to kill or cripple a brother that he needs to stand there and take it. Like anyone else, we have a right to defend ourselves. What I am talking about is losing that self control to the point that any man would need to beat a woman. Of course, if a man finds the wrong wrong sister, well he is in for it.

By now, all of us should have seen the pictures of her face. She was beaten in a very Ike and Tina Turner way. Not sure what was the reason he felt the need to do that to her, but of course, it is what it is.

So, my question is, why did she go back to him? Why does any woman go back to their abusive man? Sure, we can talk about the psychology of the abusive relationship. We can talk about the need for her to want to change him in some way. Sure, she didn't want to press charges, she probably blames herself thinking that it was her fault. I will even go so far as to say that perhaps she thinks that the media has it all wrong, and she will just live her life (ayyy ayyy ayyy). I feel that is career is over, so maybe Rhianna feels bad that she could be the reason for all this.

Does this mean she deserves what she gets now? Do we feel sorry for her if he busts her lip again? I guess only time will tell.

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Southern Sassy Girl said...

No one deserves to be treated with such disrespect. Love is a hard thing to understand and some would say that Love should never hurt. In La-La land maybe,
I can remember when I was growing up that if my sisters or I got in a fight with a boy, my parents would press charges. Their reason was to teach us that we should never allow a man to put their hand on us in that manner.
I have been lucky enough to never have that happened in my adult life. Two of my sisters were not, but I bet the men involved wished they had never raised their hand...


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