Sunday, March 29, 2009

Legalize it?

Today I was watching an episode of HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher (guest starring Mos Def). As every show, this was a pretty good one. I could pick out some of the more important issues talked on this show, there was one thing tha stuck a chord with me.

Some time in the past week President Obama had a town hall meeting shown via the Internet. There was a question about the possibility of legalizing Marijuana as a remedy to help with the economy. Clearly, Obama said no and joked about how ridiculous this was. I am not surprised at all about that. But, my question is... is that question really out of the ordinary?

Let me preface this by saying that I am not a weed smoker, nor do I have the desire to smoke. However, I know a lot of people who do. It is one of those things where it seems like everyone is doing it. Not to say that this makes it right, but Marijuana does not have the effects that tobacco smoking has.

Lets say it is legalized. Lets look at the positives. The police do not have to do all that work to find pot dealers. They can put their energy into other crimes or drugs. Just imagine the manpower taking just to stop the weed trafficking in this country. Has that stopped anyone from smoking? Don't think that smoking weed is just something that Black & Latinos do, because White people smoke a lot more. In fact, I heard they get the better shit.

Think about how much money the economy would get if you can buy weed through distributers. How many jobs that would create? Do not think for a second that weed sales have dropped due to the economy. Marijuana is recession proof, just like alcohol. People want to either get drunk or get high, or sometimes both.

Legalizing Marijuana would cripple the economy of those nations smuggling this into our country. This is an import that the United States make no money on! Stop the smuggling and grow this in our country. Agriculture would go up the roof! Central and South America (yes, fucking Latinos)makes tons of cash just on weed.

What bothers me more than anything else when it come to politicians and the people who run this country is that there is this flakiness that suggests that they are all pure. We are all human! People in congress get just as horny and the next person, which is why so many of them get caught in scandals revolving sex. I am also very sure that they have kids who are hitting bongs on the campuses of Yale and Harvard (they are certainly doing it at Syracuse). Does that make people evil? Not at all.

Legalize the shit. How many black kids get arrested just trying to make paper? It helps with chemo-therapy and glaucoma. Legalize it so that the economy can get the rest of America.


Georgia Peach said...

LN- I agree there might be revenue streams that our country is ignoring by not seriously considering legalizing marijuana. I am not a week smoker either, but many of my friends are and you're right it seems to be much like alcohol in it's recession proof nature. I think that it will NEVER happen, but we should at least seriously take a look at the possibilities before we (as a government) dismiss it outright. The taxes alone that could be made off a weed could probably pay for the deficit we're in now.

PS I LOVE Bill Maher's show. I try to watch every weekend. What did you think of Mos Def?

Anthony Otero said...

I thought Mos Def did a great job! He was able to hold his own on that show and I give him credit for it.

I never thought about taxes. Wow I think we should run for office!

Jeri said...

Tax weed like cigarettes and watch our economy get back in shape.

And yes LOTSA white people smoke it. In fact all the dealers I know are white, and most of their clientele is as well.

Actually I had no idea it was thought to be a black or white (or spanish) thing. I kinda thought all people smoked it, and the more money you had, the better the quality. A friend in syracuse who was extremely wealthy used to get purple haze? Apparently its really good? (wouldnt know, cant smoke- allergic)

And yeah, most def did quite well. It was a great panel!

Anthony Otero said...

Purple Haze? Wow...I think I have heard of that. You might get high just saying it!

It was a great panel. I was almost sad that the episode had to end. I am sure they could have debated all day.


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