Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Too Busy for Brackets?

I just realized something. Have I been that busy that I have not filled out a NCAA Bracket? That is just crazy. Just last week I was all up in March Madness and the Big East Tournament. Now, I look up and it is almost Thursday and as of the writing of this post, I have yet to fill out a Bracket!

I mean, work has been nuts lately. All the work that I have seemed to miss over the last week has caught up to me. While, I have been getting more sleep than usual, I am still really tired when I get home. Not to mention that my average time of arrival at home this week has been 9:00pm. So, to be honest, the brackets are just not on my mind. Which is crazy because I do love College Basketball.

What has really made this week crazy is that our office coordinator is not longer with us. I wont go into any detail on this, but much of her work has been passed to me. The good thing is that my work day seems to go by so much faster now! However, I cannot seem to catch up on the small things I have to catch up checking my voicemail...

I have been trying to take my work home with me to sort of make up the time, but that does not work. Between being tired and trying to unwind, I can spend the first hour at home just doing nothing. Of course, I have to write everyday, because this is my release. However, I will not complain. I refuse to make this situation negative.

I have a job! With the way this economy has been, being busy because of work is the last thing that I will complain about. I am very fortunate of where I am and the students I work with. Having a job right now is the only thing that seems to matter these days. So, I will find a way to get the work done at the expense of my brackets...

PS... Now that I think about it, no one has really invited me to join any pools or websites...hmmm

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