Thursday, April 23, 2009


I am not a techie, but there are times where I feel I need to know certain things. Particularly when it comes to my computer. This is my second laptop. So far it has been really good to me and one thing that I learned from my previous one is that if you take good care or it then it will take good care of you. Keep that in mind.

All week I have been dealing with a computer issue at work. Something that was not my fault, but more of a communication issue that involved a program being installed on my desktop that I need in order to continue day to day business. So this issue took more than a week to resolve and during these type of processes one always seems to get to know the IT people pretty well. During this time I got to know something about our IT person and what she uses on her own laptop. My question was simply, "What do you personally use to clean the junk files from your computer?"

She told me about this program called "C Cleaner". I was informed that this was freeware that our division uses to clean up the old Internet files and the sort. She even used it on my desktop computer in order to make my system go faster. Of course I was excited about this.

My old laptop was slow after awhile. I know that I could have taken care of it much better than I had. With the one I have now, I am doing my best to keep things running well. I had even bought an external drive so that I do not have to keep everything on this laptop. The only thing I neglected to do was clean this laptop of all the junk. I have increasingly been interested in The commercials are so damn annoying, but it gets the point across. However, I am skeptical when it come to this kind of stuff which is why I ask the IT person what she uses.

So today, I decided to download C Cleaner. I got it from FileHippo and I was just ready to see what this was going to do. So I install it and run the program. I figure that this thing will take forever and I will sit here for 30 minutes or so. That was far from the case. It took maybe 5 minutes to delete 18,650 MB! I was stunned.

So, my suggestion is that if you have not cleaned out the junk. Do it. It will make your computer go faster and improve performance...

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