Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Obama's 100 days...the signs are there.

The signs are there my friends. Just like in every action movie or show that has a black president, some bad shit is going to happen. I had predicted this years ago!

The economy is a wreck. The ghetto is expanding because all the rich people are losing their jobs and moving into "affordable housing". No one has credit to buy a house or get a loan. Young students cant get into school and the old people are going back to school.

The Koreans want to blow us all to hell. Their oppression by the West has been so severe that they are close to doing something we may all regret. Lets not forget Iran is dying to develop a Nuclear program as well. This is the new arms race for the 21st century.

Swine flew is every where. This thing will turn into a pandemic that we have not seen before. Although we have modern medicine, there are going to be a lot of sick people. Those who do not have insurance are in deep shit. What a way to get rid of the poor!

So what does that mean? I cannot recall a president that had to deal with this much in his first hundred days. It is almost like the next big thing will be a Meteor coming to to earth just like in did in Deep Impact. Morgan Freeman was president and we all knew that once a black man was president we were in

All kidding aside, this man is doing a great job. I am the most amazed by his dealings with Cuba and Venezuela. It is a bumpy ride and we all knew it would be. But I am happy with the leadership of this country.

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Georgia Peach said...

Hmmm - I'm not sure I think that all of the "bad" stuff happening should be attributed to the fact that we have a black president. I also believe that thing like the swine flu etc are being blown WAYYYYY out of proportion by the media. A lot of the deaths that are occurring as a result of that aren't in the US and are as a result of pneumonia and not the actual flu. So in essence the flu turns into pneumonia because it's being left untreated.

As for bad things happening, yes they are and honestly if you've ever read the bible some of the crazy ish was predicted in there...Maybe it's just the end of days in general. Who knows? All we can do is just focus on helping out our fellow man while we can and being more responsible (read cautious) in our own personal responsibility. That's just my two cents.


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