Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter...Are you ready to be Judged?

It was a good day today. I had a dinner with students that I mentor. I am the advisor for Lambda Sigma Upsilon and Josie is the advisor for Mu Sigma Upsilon. We figured we would have both groups come over to the house for Easter dinner since most of them did not go home. I certainly ate way too much and I am so tired.

Before I knock out I wanted to share something that has been on my mind all weekend. It stems from a comment made on another blog about Easter. Most of you should know that I am a fan of Brookey's Cafe Blog. This past Friday she made a brief post saying... "for those who observe, Happy Blessed Good Friday!" Not a big deal to me, but someone made a comment that I had an issue with. Here is what she said and my response:

Juditesista said...
It is my duty as an Israelite who worships Christ with understanding to tell you and anyone who may read this, the truth about Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ,celebrates the passover and not Easter (Exodus 12). The holy day also known as the sabbath is the 7th day of the week. The 7th day is Saturday, not Sunday. Check out the calendar and you will see that Sunday is the first day of the week. Sunday is an ordinary day. Read Genesis 2:1-3, Leviticus 23:1-3, Matthew 12:5-8, Ecclesiasticus 33:7-9 in the apocrypha. The apocrypha is a Greek word which means hidden books. These books were taken out of the bible by Satan. You can still find some bibles with the apocrypha in it. I pray for all my brothers and sisters that you may see the truth. Praise Christ for the opportunity to teach the truth.

Your sista in Christ
April 10, 2009 12:22 PM

Latinegro said...
Brook have a great weekend! I hope you enjoy your time off. Get some rest too! for my 2 cents. Easter is not about what Jesus celebrated. It is about his Resurrection. I didn't know Satan had access to the bible, however there are so many versions I would almost agree with you.I don't really care what day the sabbath is because evil does not take a day off, so why should i?
April 10, 2009 1:10 PM

There was no response to this. I really did think about this all weekend. I am not a fan of people pushing beliefs on others. I am so not a fan of people who don't know their shit. I may not be the most religious person in the world, but I consider myself spiritual. I am a believer that the covenant with the Lord is more personal than anything else. If you read the Old Testament, particularly Genesis and Exodus, you know that God talks about the way to worship him (or her) is to create an alter and pray. To me this means that your relationship with the Lord is on a personal level. So I do not buy into many of the teaching of the Catholic Church. We must remember that Jesus was a rebel himself.

My truth is that God Loves us all. We all will get judged in the end. You can dance all day and talk about how you are saved, but at the end of the day only God will judge you for who you really are. Do not think that you can spend 6 days out the week being a generally bad person and then go to Church on Sunday for forgiveness. If you think that God is that shallow then you have another thing Hell.

With that...I hope everyone had a Happy Easter...I know I did.


Serena W. said...

Great post! I'm in a Spiritual Growth class at church and it is so eye opening. One of the things I learned and I do mostly but exhaled when I learned about the personal relationship with you and Christ. Praying to Him, a one on one connection...relationship!

People really have to be careful of the energy that they put out there, being judgemental and like my Mom's friend...even careful of our inner thoughts.

Jeri said...

that jews for jesus person cracks me up, with his/her quoting/paraphasing of the satanic bible, which tells me he/she read it. great response to it, btw.

and yes god/the universe gives you what you put out- basic law of attraction. its what that book the secret is based on. great read.


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