Saturday, April 4, 2009

Please Don't Stop the Music...

First Fridays was good. I loved it. Getting together with other black folks was just what I need to start off my weekend. I was able to finally have fun. Other parties were good this year, but this time I didn't have to worry about how I was getting home or worry about driving someone else home.

While it was not as packed as I would have liked it, there was enough black people to have fun. I am sure once First Fridays really picks up steam, then there will be plenty of people to hang out with. I will say that you will not see pictures of me on Facebook. I have banned them.

I love being able to go out and here music blaring, the one thing that I gets me, is that I wish I knew the names to all the songs I hear in the club. When I hear a song I really like, I will write it into my phone. Of course, I am not sure what the title of the song would be. I will guess the song based on the words I hear during the chorus. This does not always work.

Here is the thing. I collect music. If I hear it and like it then I need to have it. So last night I heard 3 songs that I needed to have. I was only able to "get" one. This does bother me. I love listening to music, no matter where I go. At this point I just have 2 songs in my head and is forced to browse music sites searching for these songs.

While that sounds pretty desperate...I always find new songs in this process. If anyone knows a better way, they need to let me know...

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