Friday, April 10, 2009

Generation Me

I will make this quick. I am surprised I can even get this one out. I am sitting here talking with friends and the discussion came about the type of students that we have. What I found interesting is the consensus is that most of the student today feel they are privileged. Which means that these students believe that since they are in school they should not work all that hard to earn the services that Universities provide.

I have encountered students who feel they should get an award, or an internship because of who they are and the not the hard work that is needed to gain it. I find myself wondering how the mentality changed from one generation to other.

Could it be that technology is to blame? I say that because I think about how the world was when I graduated from SU and how it is now. Social Networking, Cell Phones, Emails, and iPods. These things were non existent less than 15 years ago. My nephew surfs the web and has an iPod...and he is 10. My niece is the same age and called me from her cell phone...

No wonder that children feel that they deserve it all. They are getting that way from the start. It just an interesting observation to me.

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