Sunday, April 5, 2009


As much as I tried to write my blog tonight, I have been distracted. My mind is just cluttered with thoughts of sex. The idea of just have sex is enough to stop me from doing what I want to do. What makes this difficult is that I have really spoken much about the topic here on this blog. Maybe because I know people who read this.

The title of this site is "Inside my head", yet I think about sex most of the time and never talk about it, so is the title of this blog false advertisement? I thinking it is. So I will talk about how much I think about sex. I was thinking about creating a whole separate site, very much like this one, to blog about sex. Maybe I would call it "My Head Inside". That is not a bad title!

Every man thinks about sex, so I am no different. I love women and I think most are very beautiful. I am, however, very picky when It comes to women. The ones that stand out in my mind are the ones who have the most charisma. I need to be able to joke with you and you need to laugh when I make fun of other people.

The body helps. I do not like skinny women. I think that most thin women look sickly, sorta like Olive Oil. I am very much and Ass man, but a health chest is very...helpful. I will say though, different women have different body types, so swagger is very important. So is self confidence.

Anyway...distractions....see, this how I get. There is something about sex that just shuts down my brain (maybe lack of blood flow to that region). But it is not women on tv who do it for me so much. I like real women. When you see a nice one...then that can distract you.

I hope I got my point across, I think I was beating around the "bush"


Brooke said...

LMAO!! "maybe it's lack of blood to that region." Hahahahahaha!

Hey, let me just tell you that this doesn't just happen to men. There is a certain time of the month where that's all I think about...and can't focus at work, in meetings, anywhere. Trust me, I feel your pain...especially since my lil friend is broken. Oh wait, TMI Tuesday is tomorrow...

...I'll be back :-)

Georgia Peach said...

Ha - good topic LN. I think you can talk about sex more on this blog, no need to create a separate one...just make it intelligent. I agree with Brooke there are times of the month where I'm 'distracted' by thoughts of sex too.

Jeri said...

Women think about sex just as much as men do, only its taboo for women to talk about it. Why, um, I have no idea. Oh society...

And it is very nice to hear men say they don't like "skinny/stick women." News flash too- most women i know don't like skinny men either. A guy wants something he can grab and a woman doesn't want to feel like she is bigger than her man (as a general rule of thumb)

*side note* I always wondered why white men were the lone men who seem to like the stick girl. What is it about that culture that tells men to go for that, when is most other cultures, curves are a *very* good thing. I imagine that's why I've always gone for the latino and italian men...

ps- this is your blog. write whatever you feel like!

Anthony Otero said...

You know, the topic of sex is not easy to write about as one would think. The issue is making it intelligent like GP said.


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