Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I Worked Out!

Today I worked out. I have not done that in quite along time. I feel that right now, it is the best thing for me. The job is stressful. The life is stressful. So I think I need yet another outlet. Blogging is exercise for my mind, but I know I do not want my body to fail.

I had debated on what to do today. I was thinking about going to the YMCA. They have some really great facilities and the pool is just world class. However, I knew that if I did go there it would be to do one thing: play basketball. I love to play ball because it is a very intense workout and the sport is just fun to play. The problem becomes that I am playing with kids 10 years younger than me. Bad enough I am out of shape, but to have some kid blow by me is not going to work. I need to build stamina.

My co-worker suggested that I walk. Since I do live by Le Moyne college, I can walk through their campus and the surrounding area from about an hour and get a very good work. This area has a lot of hills. I have jogged this area before so I know exactly what I would be getting into. I was ready to do that until I got outside. It was brisk out side. Barely 50 degrees and since I am tired of the cold, I decided on scrapping the whole walk idea.

Which really left me with no choice but to use the old treadmill. I got home at about 7:30 and just decided to put on the sweats. It was a long day as usual and I am starting to feel the Starbucks wear off. But, I just had to do this. So I put the headphones on and reved her up. The good thing about this machine is that it has programs. So I can just punch a preset program and I just start running.

This was the best thing I have done all day. It got my blood flowing, and I feel like I was able to unwind as well. I may have to do this just about everyday. I want to build up that stamina so that when I do decide to play sports (Softball starts in May) I can be ready.


Brooke said...

great job Ant!

I did kickboxing at home - Tae Bo really. I didn't think it would wear me out but it I'm right there with you!

Jeri said...

Yay for working out! Keep it up! You have to show those young-uns (i think that's how you spell it) on the bball court what's what!


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