Monday, April 20, 2009


Today I was reading Serena's Blog, Divine Wryte Creations, today and I did not know that it is National Poetry Month. So I have dug into the vault and pulled out a poem. Let me just say that I have written a total of 5 poems in my life (currently, working on 6). I only write them when the mood hits me. Clearly they do not hit that often. I wrote this poem 2 years ago...

That is always how I get things
I always win arguments
Ok fine, I win some of them
Well, at least I do my job right
Damn, I do somethings right…
Well damn this is how it is
When all I want to do is just live
My life the right way, there is always
Someone there to tell a man that he is
My mother thinks I am
Shit, my wife thinks I am
My Boss thinks I am
So how do I make it right?
Do I need to just shut the fuck up?
Do I pretend my opinions don’t matter?
Because we all know if I tell
Them that I feel my voice means nothing
They will all get together and tell me
That I am
So tell me what is a man to do?
I have friends who have given up
Their nuts to the women they are with
Their balls lay in a pouch that sits on
The bedroom mantle that has a sign that
So when they need then on a rainy day
Or perhaps when an intruder comes into
The house, the balls can be inserted back
In and maybe for the split second he can become
Wrong (again)
You see it is not very hard to look back
And see how wrong I have been
I was born wrong
I was born with the wrong skin
I was born with the wrong sin
I grew up with the wrong hair
Lived in the wrong city, the wrong neighborhood
Spoke the wrong language
Ate the wrong foods
Rooted for the wrong team
Chose the wrong parent
Chose the wrong president
So why do I fight?
Maybe, for that one chance to be right?
I fight because no one else will fight for me
Because no woman will understand
How hard it is for a man
Of color to live in world dominated
By people telling him he is
All the time because he cannot be right
All the time because he cannot be white
All the time because he cannot fight
The fact he will always be viewed
As insecure, when in reality he never
Had the choice to be secure when he is always


Jeri said...

lovely. i hear it as spoken word poetry in my head. not sure if that was your intention. im a fan =)

Anthony Otero said...

That is exactly how I intended it. I can see myself performing this...


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