Friday, April 3, 2009

First Friday!

I am already late to got out tonight, but I am excited that I get to see grown folk coming together here in Syracuse. A few years ago, there was always a "First Friday". The event would rotate to different bars or clubs where the people who went to these events were roughly over 25 and older (in some cases...way older). These events stopped for a while for a reason I am not too clear about, but tonight starts it up all over again.

I will admit there are times in which there is nothing to do up here. You have to pick and choose events that might be fun. Unfortunately for me, most of the times, the events that we end up picking the most are boring. What is worse than that is to go to a party full of undergraduate students, which is why I always say that no one wants to be the old man in the club.

So again, I am excited. There hasn't been something to keep people like me entertained for awhile. I get to drink and be merry. Perhaps, I will even make new connections. More importantly I get to have fun. So, while there are many people who have told me that there is nothing to do up here, I can point to event like these.

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